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IF YOU HAVE TRAVEL DREAMS,  you need a travel plan.

What Is Wanderlist?

Hello Wanderlist®

“I don't have the time…”  "We'll go next year..."

"When the kids get older…” “When I retire…”


Virtuoso Wanderlist® is the travel industry's first travel portfolio that turns travel dreams into future plans. Blending the wealth advisor model with the popular bucket list, the program curates your travel dreams into an actual plan. Using cutting-edge technology, Wanderlist® captures you and your companions desired bucket list destinations, preferred experiences and travel preferences. Then with the help of your travel designer we organize this into a concise road map for the next few years. 

Wander With A Plan

Why live day-to-day when you can live trip-to-trip

You have laid out a plan for every other life investment so why not travel?  Just as a financial advisor helps you plan for your long-term financial goals, Wanderlist creates a “roadmap” of your future travels.  Capture milestone events (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) and life stages (ie retirement) to create a solid plan.


Your financial advisor maximizes your earnings, investments and savings; your Wanderlist® Specialist and Travel Designer ensures you maximize your leisure time, save money and achieve your travel dreams.


Imagine having the world at your fingertips.  Whether you’re waiting for a flight, sitting in a comfy chair on a rainy day or just feeling inspired to explore, Virtuoso Wanderlist® offers a "Netflix" style collection of custome videos, music, articles and insights to help you live in a constant state anticipation.  All tailored to your interests.


Virtuoso Wanderlist® offers a powerful combination of advisor-led expertise supported by the latest advancements in technology and analytics. Compare preferences and interests of your fellow travel companions. Map out travel dates. Forecast future investment levels. Smile at your savings in time and money.

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