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You Love the World - And So do Your Followers

We work with an elite level of luxury travel influencers and bloggers to further leverage their opportunities with their followers and content through exquisite travel experiences and the opportunity to monetize their their collaborations well after the the experience is over.

Together we will coordinate to design a high end, transformative journey with travelers handpicked and led by you.  Think of it as hosting a small group of your like-minded travel friends on a perfectly curated adventure.  Whether it's a wellness getaway, trek in Peru, champagne tasting in the French countryside - you will take your influence to the next level with your followers by offering something unique, unsurpassed and exquisite.

What We Do

  • Design a tailored itinerary in collaboration with your interests and personal brand

  • Manage coordination and details with partners and suppliers to book your journey details

  • Use our industry relationships to get the best value 

  • Handle traveler bookings and payments

  • Touring, excursions and exlusive experiences

  • Ground transportation or transfers,  if needed

  • Travel Insurance

  • Assist with special concierge requests

  • Provide all necessary travel support and management

What You Do

  • Market your trip to your followers and have them sign up to joing the experience 

  • Meet guest minimum number of travelers to join your trip.  You have automomy to vet travelers who request to sign up

  • Act as the main point of contact on the ground the  and for the duration of your trip

  • Host your trip in person and have fun with your travelers

  • Liaise with our team before, during and after the trip

  • Curate content for social media channels

The cost of the trip will be valued appropriately for your choice of complimentary travel and/or compensation.  

Hotel & Resort Promotion

Have you been invited to a luxury property for a collaboration? After your trip is over your followers are in awe of your experience and want to go themselves.  Why not leverage that further by getting your travel loving, like-minded followers to book a stay that you get compensated for and build further brand value.  

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