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Are you a Personal, Executive or Virtual Assistant? You juggle a lot on a daily as the powerhouse behind the scenes that keeps everything moving seamlessly.  We know the challenges involved with managing complex and ever changing itineraries, keeping up with new travel trends and most importantly staying up to date on the ever changing landscape that travel will have in a post COVID world.  We are here to make your work life a little easier  with our Executive Travel Partner Program - deisgned specifically with you in mind.  We offer access to our extensive travel services and network benefits that will enhance your executive's travel experience and in turn make you look like the rock star you already are - all while we smoothly executive flawless travel behind the scenes for you.  Times have changed and expert industry knowledge is more critical than ever to insure you deliver the quality support that is expected.  We appreciate that you trust us to be your partner and thus created a little bonus for you as well.   

Executive Travel Services

Full Service Travel Support

Airline Ticketing Service

VIP Hotel Programs

Access to Virtuoso Benefits
Private Aviation & 
Yacht Charters

Custom Itinerary App

24/7 After Hours Airline Support

Preferred Partner Rates

On-Ground Transportation

Perks For You

Dedicated Travel Concierge

Unlimited Travel Requests

Assistant Appreciation Bonus


Secure & Safe Bookings


Complimentary Personal Trip Design

 (Approx Value $595)

Tailored Recommendations

Trusted Industry Knowledge

Stress Free & Time Saving Management

This program service is offered and designed exclusively for professional assistants.

Participation benefits are offered by invitation and approval only.

Assistant Appreciation Bonus

You work hard and as your partner we want to make sure you are able to take some time to treat yourself.  We created the Bonus Program as a way to give back and celebrate our partnership. 

Use your reward towards a future holiday, a nice meal out, a well deserved spa day or whatever you desire.  The more your executive travels the bigger bonus for you! 

You will receive a monetary gift card for the below value based on the collective travel spend for each month.

Up To $5, 000:         $125 Gift Card

$5,000 to  $10,000:  $275 Gift Card

$10,000 to $20,000: $400 Gift Card

$20,000 to  $30,000: $625 Gift Card

$30,000 to $50,000:  $850 Gift Card

 $50,000 to $80,000:   $975  Gift Card

$80,000 and over :        $1750 Gift Card

Share the good word!  For every qualified Assistant you refer receive $200 referral bonus!!

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