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Necoh Mitchell

Luxury Travel Consultant

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but the East Coast has been my home for the past 27 years. I've always been exposed to many cultures, whether through the different foods we ate, the music I heard and listened to, or through the diversity in my neighborhoods. And even as a child I liked the differences I saw, heard and tasted. I didn't get to start traveling though, until I was an adult. Once I did, that was it, I was hooked! It was so beautiful being able to experience first hand the things I had previously only heard about, or seen pictures of. I wanted to soak up every bit of everything I experienced.

As I posted, almost like blogging my trips, my friends would say "they never wanted to go to 'so and so' until I posted it". Or people would ask who my travel agent was. I started getting asked to plan vacations for others. I turned them down because I wasn't a travel agent or advisor. Well I came across the opportunity to get started in the Travel Industry and I jumped on it, and I have absolutely loved it. My journey has been quite interesting, but joining LaVon Travel & Lifestyle has been absolutely incredible, the buttercream icing on the cake! We have the best agency owner ever, and our team is phenomenal!

Traveling to me is a never-ending, worldwide school. Where what you pay for, comes back in the most beautiful experiences, outstanding encounters, and the most treasured memories of your life. Traveling is the absolute best school the world has to offer. A few fun facts about me - I started my career as a hairstylist. I went to the original Aveda Institute, Horst Educational Academy. I also had a business sewing custom clothing. I did everything from wedding gowns to tailored women's suits to baby's clothing. I had to stop because of nerve damage in my arms. But I still love to get a little bit of sewing in here and there when I can!

Top Destinations Southeast Asia, Italy, East Africa, South Africa, Anguilla

Favorite Hotels Borgo Santo Pietro, Singita Sasakwa, Amankora Punakha, Deplar Farm

Bucket List Chartering a Turkish Gulet, Egypt, Ol Jogi

AREAS OF SPECIALTY: Honeymoons, Africa & Asia

HOTELS I WISH I LIVED IN: D Maris Bay, La Residence - Franschhoek

WHAT I CANNOT TRAVEL WITHOUT: iPad, Sony Camera, Caudalie Elixir Travel Spray, and a safe travel prayer I always keep in my wallet

BEST TRAVEL ADVICE: Get out of your comfort zone! Stumble into places no one recommended, have an open mind and embrace the city you're in; whether it's eating weird things, going shark diving or taking a salsa class - get involved. Oh and talk to locals, they always know whats up.

THE REASON I DO WHAT I DO: I'm selling dreams! Travel is a very personal thing and if someone trusts you enough to simply pack their bags and follow your lead, you get to create experiences that people will ALWAYS remember. Plus they'll always remember the person who made it happen!


Necoh Mitchell
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