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Travel Entrepreneur Collective

What Is The Collective?

LaVon Travel & Lifestyle believes in a better way for travel entrepreneurs to find their path to building a successful, fulfilling and long career in the travel industry.  We pride ourselves on bringing together a diverse and forward thinking community of professionals who embrace a shared mission and values. We are not a host agency - we are a community, a professional resource, personal support and an opportunity that provides the tools needed for true entrepreneurship and success - We Are The Collective.

The Collective was the brainchild of Founder, Tiffany Layne, who wanted to create an opportunity to fill the void and fix the pain points she felt when first launching her business in this industry.  Disappointed that no one offered a solution to her own struggles as a travel entrepreuner in this industry, she wanted to find a way to open doors, build a community, foster diversity, create opportunity and support the success of the independent Travel Advisor and their business.

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The Collective Benefits

  • Mentorship & Team Community

  • No Fees 

  • High Commission Opportunity

  • Virtuoso Affiliation & Member Access

  • Dedicated Air Desk Service & Support Team

  • Accounting Support & Reporting

  • Access To Professional Development & Webinars

  • Invites to VIP Industry Events & FAMS

  • Preferred Partner Access

  • High Level Consortia Marketing

  • Branded GDS Booking Technology

    • Cloud based (work remotely)​

    • Proprietary best in class technology 

    • User friendly interface

    • Build and send client quotes


Your time should be focused on curating amazing experiences for your clients and growing your business.  That is why we want to provide you with every resource possible to successfully do that and not worry about the minutia.  From the best techonology to backend office support we provide what you need to thrive as an entrepreneuer and present yourself as the very best in the industry.


Your success is our success and thus we believe supporting your professional development and providing the right guidance as well as mentorship is vital.  We bring together professionals who no matter the stage of their career offer a supportive and like-minded approach to building success.    We offer access to the educational opportunities to deepen your industry knowledge through industry events, conferences, access to curated learning programs and educational FAMS.  



As your partner we strive to make sure you feel confident that you can grow and have a sustainable career in this industry.   Traditional commission models and host agencies are designed to make you feel like an employee and only concerned about their bottom line.  Our goal is to provide the support to grow your earnings and be successful.    

We are transparent in all that we offer so that you can do your best.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What Is The Collective?

The Collective is a community and opportunity for Travel Entrepreneurs to succed. Through your affiliation with us as an established luxury travel company - we are able to provide the services, mentorship, resources, technoloogy and tools necessary to build and grow a successful career in travel. We welcome both new to industry and experienced professionals seeking a home for professional growth and a collaborative family whom share the same values, passions and mission for success. We provide a space for you to be the entreprenuer you desire without the stress of the business minutia.

I'm Just Starting Out - Is This Right For Me?

A career in the travel industry, especially if you are new to the industry, is not one to consider lightly. While many of us love travel and enjoy our own - only those with a strong work ethic, intuition for client service and desire to hustle will succed. It is not an easy feat and there some key important aspects to consider prior to making this decision.

The Collective is aimed at entrepreneurs with luxury travellers and high-net-worth contacts. We've put together the 5 Keys Of Success As A Luxury Travel Advisor to help you in making this important career choice.

Can I Work Under My Own Brand/Company Name?

Yes! The Collective is about YOU. We foster an entrepreneurial community platform allowing you to choose how to build your success. We encourage you to choose a path that best supports your personal career endeavors. Whatever you choose, The Collective is truly a collaborative community where you can thrive. LAVON TRAVEL BRANDED ADVISOR Launching a career in luxury travel can be exciting but also overwhelming and confusing. Some people just want to grow as a luxury travel advisor and curate their personal portfolio without the minutia of being a full blown business ower - and that is fine. There are many extremely successful Travel Advisors who operate under an established brand.

SELF BRANDED ADVISOR You’ve created personal brand that engages your clients and network, yet you're looking for a platform and community that will support you in growing your business to the next level. As part of The Collective, we foster entrepreneurship as an environment that provides all the tools you need to further develop your brand and build financial success within the travel industry.

Why Be A Luxury Travel Advisor?

While we provide you with the mentorship, community, resources, tools and technology to be successful, we also encourage you to develop your own business systems that will work best for you in building your own path to independent success.

Leave the 9 to 5 office grind behind and live a true work/life balance from anywhere across the globe. However you will always remain connected to our community and have access to the support you need to thrive.

This is a sales based position and like any other - what you put in is what you reap in reward. You won’t go it alone as part of the The Collective community and if you are prepared to invest the time and hustle towards building a long-term career you will see much success.

How Will I Earn Commissions?

The Collective was designed with entrepreneurship and success in mind. Our goal is to help you succeed and build a sustainable and profitable business full-time. While we will provide tools to support you operationally, we believe your money earned should be maximized for profit and success. All advisors have the opportunity to earn high level commissions regardless of whether you are new to industry or established. Our goal is to support your success and provide you with a community that can help you get there.

Do You Provide Leads?

New Avisors do not need an existing book of business in order to get started but it is important to have a strong and readily avalable network you plan on tapping into for clientele.
As a community there may be opportunities to receive leads and we encourage our Collective to refer leads amongst each other based on specialty, interests or simply not being a fit for them.