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Turn To a Luxury Travel Expert If You Are Ready to For Smooth Sailing.

Are you ready to start enjoying some of the riches that the planet has to offer? Those who travel the globe know that there are seemingly endless branches that lead off into unique paradises for those who know where to go. If you are not sure where to start then a luxury travel expert is your key. Your own luxury travel expert at LaVon Travel & Lifestyle is your ticket to exclusive experiences, private charters on luxury yachts and jets, the best views, quality authentic food and top-notch service. We have connections across the globe and we strive to make sure each client has the time of their life on each trip.
Do not just buy a random first-class plane ticket and land in the country you want to see if you want to really experience the area and enjoy every luxury it offers. LaVon Travel & Lifestyle can take any stress out of your travel plans, as well as all the unknowns. We can even connect you with private aviation and luxury yacht charters so you can enjoy every step of the journey as much as the destination. After all, your time is valuable and the vacation experience should start from day one. If you are interested in safari trips or jungle explorations we can provide connections for you to get into the wild. If you prefer to be pampered then our spa selections at each destination are carefully chosen for quality and luxury. If you are a foodie and want the best authentic cuisine in each location, you are in luck with us. We can provide luxury experiences with the best views and food anywhere you travel.

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