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LaVon Private Luxury Is Your Bespoke Travel Agency to Elevate Your Next Vacation.

Are you looking for a global lifestyle concierge to navigate the way to luxury vacations on your whim? Then a bespoke travel company is the next upgrade you need to make before you start planning your next getaway. Upgrade your agency and upgrade your whole vacation experience.

We provide exclusive opportunities and itineraries that are catered specifically to you. You do not live life by the book. Why vacation that way? We have our list of luxury preferred partners that we have relationships with to benefit our clients, and we have more exclusive options for members. Do not choose a random travel agent in a strip mall, go with a bespoke travel agent who is a private travel designer who is experienced in luxury travel and equipped to connect you to the best the world has to offer, completely bespoke for your individual needs and whims.

A quality bespoke travel company, like LaVon Private Luxury, does not simply offer destinations, we offer the full bespoke experience with details oriented to you specifically. You are receiving the best in service, insider connections, and exclusive destinations with us and we are proud to make each and every client feel like they are the only one. Contact us today for more information about the best locations to travel, when the travel bans out of the country will be lifted, and ideas for your next adventure.

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